just for you

Nem elég, hogy lenne már pár klip, valamint egy már megírt kritika is, amit meg kellene osztanom, erre reggel hazafelé a munkából ezt dobta be nekem a YouTube algoritmus. Ki mint vet, úgy arat ugye! 😅

Szerintem letaglózóan szép, nagyon jó vágásokkal, ritmussal, időzítésekkel. A zene és a szöveg is a fiatal hölgy saját munkája. És hát még egy plusz dolog, hogy kétségtelenül hordoz magában egy kis figyelmeztetést is számomra, mert valóban meg kellene már néznem végre az All About Lily Chou-Chou [ Mindent Lily Chou-Chou-ról ] című kísérleti filmet. Kicsit tartok tőle még mindig, lehet nem lesz az annyira jó, mint azt sokan „mondják”… De hátha. Ma vagy holnap kiderül.

have you ever felt like
the only person who completely
undorstand you in this world
is yourself?

i feel this way sometimes.
while taking an evening walk by myself
to connect with nature, or
even when im partying with friends.

i look at all the people dacing around me, and
for a brief moment, i realize that
the only person who will ever understand
all my feelings, my secrets, my stories
my dreams and fears
is me.

loneliness can feel so heavy
that it can be easy to forget how ironic it is.
the irony of loneliness is that
everyone feels it together.

and the scary part is, sometimes
we can feel more lonely
surrounded by the wrong people that we do
when we’re actually alone.

but no matter how isolated we feel from others,
we always have to remember that
there’s something all of us share.
each one of us harbors our own unique world
within our mind.

In this way
we are all the same.

sure, our feelings may be felt at different depths.
our personalities may be drastically unalike.
our life circumstances may look polar opposite.
but it’s our different natures,
our different worlds,
the individuality of our minds
that makes us all the same.

this commonality that we all share
gives every single one of us
equal validity to simply exist and feel and be
in any way that we want to.

the universality of loneliness
makes it less suffocating and more like a blanket
that covers us all.

with our own minds and stories and dreams,
we all yearn to be
the best we can be, do what we feel called to do,
make a contribution to the greater good,
and to be seen.

so regardless of how lonely you feel right now,
trust that you are a drop in an ocean of dreamers,
lovers, fighters,
just like you.

we are all being carried together, and
what a remarkable blessing it is
to have our own unique world
and to be able to share it with others.
embrace the beauty of your individual emotions,
feel grateful for your vast internal world,
or rather the universe,
even if you feel like
it’s different from everyone else’s.

sometimes, just to say your own truth out loud
is enough to find others like you.

So give those who are seeking
someone like you a chance to find you
by expressing your true self
and letting people into your mind.

we are all walking universes
with abundance resting on our shoulders.
once you feel the abundance within your own presence,
brief moments while standing in the middle of a party
or while taking an evening walk by yourself,
turn into small breaths of fresh air
and being alone with yourself
becomes a beautiful gift
sent from the heavens

just for you.

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